BHIM: UPI Payment App by Narendra Modi APK Download & Review

BHIM: Bharat Interface for money or Bhim bills is the contemporary app launched via Narendra Modi to enhance virtual Payments in India. BHIM is evolved by means of countrywide payments organization of India, and is based totally upon UPI – Unified payments Interface. consequently, with the aid of the usage of UPI you can easily hyperlink your cell wide variety and begin receiving and sending money to any other bank account through easy taps. here’s how you could download BHIM app apk or through Play store to begin receiving payments.


How to use BHIM app – Review & Features?

before we circulate onto the overview allow’s have a look onto the capabilities of BHIM App – by using NPCI

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Functions –

1. As its launched by NPCI – It’s primarily based upon UPI (Unified bills Interface) for this reason, you may ship or transfer money to any bank account right away!
2. There’s no time restriction, you could ship or receive your money each time, anywhere 24 x 7.
3. except, this you could additionally use QR code to experiment to pay or get hold of cash.
4. all the money you receive via BHIM will be right away transferred on your financial institution account, no delays!


  • once, you have got downloaded & installed the Bhim app – it’ll ask you to enter your cell variety & permission to send an SMS to the UPI.
  • here, enter your mobile variety, and tap on “adequate”. ( notice – please maintain in thoughts to sign up the use of the identical mobile number which you use with bank as the app robotically fetches account numbers linked to cellular wide variety)
  • in the next step, you’ll be asked to sign up your passcode as proven in the photograph underneath –


right here, input your “4 digit mystery passcode”.
Please do not share your Passcode with all people, because it can be your mystery password to log-on to the Bhim app.

  • as soon as you’ve got completed setting up the passcode, it will now ask you to choose your default financial institution Account that allows you to be used to send money or take delivery of cash as proven within the picture beneath –


  • after you choose your financial institution, the excellent element approximately BHIM is that it will automatically get the account wide variety & IFSC code info of your financial institution account, just through using your cell variety which became entered. (subsequently, please keep in thoughts to register the usage of the same cell number that you use with bank)

It quite well detected my financial institution of Baroda account details as shown in the photo under –

right here certainly “tap on the account wide variety” to hyperlink your bank account to Bhim UPI bills app.

  • in addition, you’ll be asked to confirm your financial institution account both with the aid of debit card, or credit card expiry date depending upon the financial institution you selected.
  • as soon as, you’ve got completed putting in place! you’re prepared to begin accepting & paying the use of the UPI payments interface by Bhim!

This , is a good step by the Government of India by making it easier to use Digital currency for payments, do let us know your views about this in the comments section below !